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How can I request a quote?

We have a variety of services available for all your submetering and billing needs. You can receive a no obligation quote very quickly simply by filling out the form and someone will be in touch within 24 hours!

I need a quote today!

For faster service on receiving a quote, please call 810-397-7005!

Property already submetered?

Do not hesitate requesting a quote if your property already has meters and is currently being billed. We can easily assume the billing responsibility of your property.


  • Reduce Expenses!
  • Manage Resources!
  • Promote Conservation!
  • Increase Revenue!

“Universal Utilities has been servicing our submetering water and sewer needs since August of 2003. With all the demands of a community our size, we felt it best to contract this work. This allowed us to focus our attention on the many other needs of our community…Their customer service, both to us and to our residents has been exemplary.“Dave Y.